How to Transplant Mandioca – Video

A quick run down of the video, with some information which I forgot to mention

  1. Take a cutting from a previous Mandioca plant. The reason that potatoes and onions are usually grown from other potatoes or onions rather than seed is because they take over a year to go to seed. The reason they create this huge root, which we eat, is so they can survive the seasons, then seed the following  year. So we usually eat the root before it goes to seed which is why you are less likely to find seeds of potatoes for example.
  2. Try to take a cutting from the base of the plant where the stem is thick and strong.
  3. Check the profile of the cutting, as shown in the video, and make the sure the rin is thick, if it is too thin then you shouldn’t use that piece, the higher up the tree you go, the thinner the ring should be.
  4. Make sure the eyes are facing up, as this is where the new shoots will grow from.
  5. Something I forgot to mention in the video is that you can score the base of the stick with a knife, and some white fluid may come out. This will stimulate new root grow from the scores you have made and so will help the plant establish itself better.
  6. Good luck!

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  1. Trevor Keeling says:

    Very impressive. You have great skills as a demonstrator as well as a teacher


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