Welcome to Fazenda Tomati! We live here in Portugal on a little organic farm, producing fruit, vegetables, olives, grapes and eggs.

We believe that farmers can and should work with nature. Working within natural cycles, creating habitat and health with the very trees that we are harvesting, as well as planting many whose sole function is to nurture soil life and provide food and shelter for the species who also call our farm their home. We depend on these species for pollination, seed dispersal and pest control. We work with these species, considering their needs in each business decision we make.

At Fazenda Tomati we aim to realign our little piece of planet earth with the laws laid down by mother nature. Which means we take what the land can give, and create systems which increase fertility over time.

About Tom Keeling

Since 2015 I have been practicing natural building, mainly working with wood and earth but also stone and lime at times. Since 2021 I have been teaching natural building in Portugal.

In 2018 we started farming properly at our property in Portugal. In 2020 we started a produce delivery company growing and delivering our eggs, veg, honey and anything else we are producing at the time.

I have been learning about Permaculture since 2015 and practicing full time since 2018. In 2019 I passed my PDC with Geoff Lawtons 6 month online course. I took on my first Permaculture design in 2020.