Sustainable Building

We are passionate about natural building and have been practicing it since 2015. In our house we used as many different techniques as we could find space for. Below are a list of the techniques we have used just on our site here in Portugal

  • Clay rendering by hand and with tools
  • Home made clay, wheat and sugar paint
  • Lime render
  • Lime pointing
  • Tadelakt
  • Wattle and Daub
  • Adobe bricks
  • Rammed earth cement blocks (experimental technique)
  • Cob floor with linseed
  • Cob oven

And techniques we have worked with on other sites:

  • Cob structural walls
  • Cob render on reed mat walls
  • Cow poo, clay and linseed exterior render
  • Stone wall with cement
  • Dry stacked stone wall


To see Tom´s published articles on natural building, follow these links below

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