Monthly Rainfall. Castelo Branco, Juncal do Campo. 2020

Monthly rainfall taken from a Bresser Weather monitor in Lameiro do Velho, Castelo Branco, Portugal.

Data for average monthly rainfall taken from

Annual Average – 881.0mm

2020 total rainfall – 502.2mm (57% of annual average)

Historic Average12811884776240784090117110
Running average128246330407469509516524564654771881
2020 data80,22,856,898,463,62,44,8024,467,673,228
Diff from average-47,8-115,2-27,221,41,6-37,6-2,2-8-15,6-22,4-43,8-82
Running total80,283139,8238,2301,8304,2309309333,4401474,2502,2
% of total62,66%33,74%42,36%58,53%64,35%59,76%59,88%58,97%59,11%61,31%61,50%57,00%
Annual total502,2/881

Notes on agriculture here for this year

The wine harvest was poor for everyone we spoke to. Our harvest was down from 100 litres to around 45. Our neighbors reported a high of 800 litres last year and 200 this year.

There were some problems for us and a neighbor I worked for with regards to olives falling early. November was warm and there was a lot of fruit fly damage.

We saw the bottom of our well for the first time this year, but that was because we were irrigating every day. The well ran out in about September and needed a week without use to really get going again


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