Videos at Fazenda Tomati

Here we have a selection of videos filmed by friends at our farm, in chronological order.

The first video here was filmed by two of Mati´s friends from France during their project “L´Odyssée Verte“. This video shows an overall view of the farm in its second winter since we arrived. The video is themed around Permaculture and how it applies to our farm and context.

February 2019

This video was shot by our friends Evy and Koen of Evys Bees. They had come to help install three hives for our farm and brought their drone along to take some footage. This was just before our first market season so our planting beds were looking clean an beautiful, and the farm was as green as it ever is after a wet winter and warm beginning of Spring.

April 2020

This was an interview film from our friends Maarten and Lea from Our Portugese Homestead. It was a general interview about why we are here, what we are doing and other general stuff.

August 2020

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