Layer Chicken Output Data – Mediterranean Region

We are in Portugal in Koppen Geiger zone CSa. Mediterranean, Hot Dry Summer. Our summer heat gets up to 40+C and winter nights down to -7C. Rain generally stops in May and starts again in October.

All the data that I have previously seen regarding layer output shows high Spring and Summer rates followed by a dip through Winter. We experienced a very different curve, probably because of the summer heat putting a stress on the birds.

Year 1. 6 hens

The following data is for a small home flock of 6 layers. They were bought at point of lay and data starts from May in the first year alive. They are kept in a deep mulch run of 10x10m and fed greens from the kitchen and garden various times each week. Birds are fed non-organic layer feed, approximately 150g per bird per day. 

Lay rate 2019-1

The slight dip in the final month – April could be because of a lot of house moving for the birds. One of our mother hens went broody in the layers nest box so we had to move the layers to a new house and run. Their lay rate dropped significantly till they found a new place they felt comfortable laying in. The worst week of data from that period was omitted to maintain results. The following May lay rate was around 95% which is more in line with the trajectory which had formed from the low in September.

May 90,7%
june 90,0%
July 80,48%
August 61,29%
September 57,22%
October 64,52%
November 65,29%
December 70,97%
January 77,08%
Febuary 83,91%
March 92,47%
April 90,63%



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