Tadelakt Guide

As promised, to everyone who participated our Tadelakt workshop, here is the method we follow to create our Tadelakt walls.

Tadelakt Guide

  1. Prepare your tools and materials, you will need – spatulas, buckets, spade, wheelbarrow, plastic lid, smooth stones, olive soap, lime (we used HL5) marble powder, fine filtered clay for colour if desired
  2. Prepare your working space – protect your floor as it could get messy

The Tadelakt Mix

One bucket of lime, one bucket of marble powder, one bucket of water, and colour tint powder if desired.

First Day

  1. Mix your olive soap with water to start to break it down. You can break it up a bit and mix it with warm water if you wish.
  2. Take one bucket of water and pour it in to your wheelbarrow, or wherever you will be making your mix.
  3. Slowly pour in a bucket of filtered lime powder and mix well till there are no lumps.
  4. Slowly add your filtered bucket of marble powder, making sure to mix well as you go
  5. If you are adding colour powder to your mix then now is the time to add that too.
  6. When you have made your mix, head to your wall, brush it down to remove any dust or dirt. Take a wet brush or a mister and dampen your wall. It should not be especially wet but it should be moist when you start to apply the Tadelakt.
  7. Apply the first layer of Tadelakt. This layer is very thin, and applied with a lot of force. Keep the wall misted and moist after application.
  8. Wait for the wall to dry a little
  9. Use a spatula to fill in any small parts you have missed, trying to create a completely uniform finish.
  10. At this point we took the plastic lid and polished the bumps out quickly.
  11. Mist the wall again to keep it moist, and start your second layer. The second layer should be at least 2 to 3mm thick.
  12. Again, go back with your spatula and fill in gaps, keep your edges neat and tidy.
  13. Wait for the wall to dry a bit, then take your plastic lid and polish the whole wall using circular movements. You are looking for the tiny cracks that will have started to appear as the Tadelakt dries. You can polish out these cracks, and other imperfections using the plastic lid.
  14. After this you can take your smooth stone and polish the wall further.
  15. When the walls are highly polished you can take your olive soap and using a paintbrush, paint it on to the wall. Afterwards, use the stone to polish the soap in to the wall.

Day 2-6

Apply soap each day and polish it in with your stone

Day 7

Apply beeswax by melting it in hot water and rubbing it in with a towel. Clean the excess

Day 8

Apply just soap, but do not polish with stone afterwards.

Each 6 weeks

Apply a layer of soap.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great article.. what type of lime is it needed? thanks


    1. Thomas Human says:

      We used hydraulic lime (HL5) which worked ok, but the best is hydrated lime


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