Pallet long drop and compost toilet

Here are a couple of compost toilet designs you can make very quickly using a few pallets.

First of all the situation: you need a toilet that same day, and you then need a permanent compost toilet for the foreseeable future. So here is our idea, using the same pallet for the long drop as we used for the compost toilet.

So first of all dig a big hole under which allows your pallet to sit securely above. You may want to level your ground first to make everything stable.

Then out the one of the panels as you can see below, and there you have it, a long drop…

Next you are going to want to start early so you can do all of this in a day as you need the pallet you have used for the long drop. Cut the long drop base in half and use it as the compost toilet seat.

Use a strong pallet as your base, and maybe some pine ones for the sides which will hold your seat above the ground.

On the left we have a shelf for the toilet roll, and on the left, a space for dry compost material.

…next the walls.

We considered raw wooden poles, but they were expensive, considering we would need about fifty. Then we came across some floor boards with tongue and groove fitting which would provide a snug fit around the compost toilet for 10€ per wall.

Then for the roof we used a piece of plastic from the hardware store (7€) and the leftover pieces of pallet. During prolonged rain there is some water getting into the corners but I think that can be fixed with some alterations.

All that’s left now is a saloon style door and we will have a private compost toilet…


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  1. Trevor Keeling says:

    First class luxury


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