Eco Build Portfolio

– 2018/19

Role: Leading barn renovation at our farm – Fazenda Tomati. Rebuilding our barn using clay and wood. We have worked with experimental and traditional techniques including wattle and daub, adobe bricks and Tadelakt.



Role: Leading team to research and application of exterior render, 2 projects. 

Project 1: research and create tests for a water resistant exterior render on a cob structure using cow manure. Conclude project by rendering the whole building

tom cow poo testApplying cow poo render 3

Project 2: lead team to research and create tests to render a clay block building using lime and clay. Concluded project by rendering the building with a group of 25 scouts.


–  2017

Role: part of a volunteer team. 

Cob eco lodge. Cardinot, Rio de Janeiro. Gravel foundation, dry stacked natural stone foundation, cob walls, train track sleeper window and door frames.


– 2016

Role: co-building of structure from start to finish with the owner of the farm. 

Wooden frame heated aquaponics greenhouse, Tennessee USA. Concrete foundation feet, wooden frame, PVC pipe roof, two layer plastic walls and roof with air pump to create insulation pocket, gas powered thermostat linked heater and fan for heating and ventilation, wiggle wire secured for quick opening and sealing of walls.


– 2015

Role: Part of volunteer team led by professional sustainable building manager.

Two storey cob house in Cardinot, Rio de Janeiro. Built using a gravel foundation, natural stone and cement stem wall, cob walls, train track wood window and door frames, green roof, cow poo exterior render, lime interior finish, tadelakt bathrooms finish, slate and wood floors.



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