Easy to Build, Strong Bench

Here is a design and photos of a style of bench we use here. It is really strong and very quick and easy to make. It lasts years, is stable, and can be built with only basic tools. We had a day to prepare an accomodation for a group of 25 young scouts. One of the things we had to do during the day was to make 4 easy and strong benches for them to enjoy their campfires. So we chose this design due to its strength and ease of assembly.

So what will you need?

  1. A length of wood. We used 30cm x 400cm approx 2cm deep
  2. Wood saw
  3. Hammer or drill and screwdriver (screws will be stronger in this case)
  4. Nails or drill bits and screws

The Design


The Finished Bench



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