How to Make a Bamboo Plant Bed

Beginner build time around 3 hours with power saw

Here we have a really straight forward design that anyone can make. If you have a power saw it will make things a lot easier. If you are using a hand saw then you may be looking at a one day build time.

First you need to cut your pieces to size. When cutting, bare in mind that the knots are the strongest part of the bamboo, so keep them at the end of your pieces if possible.

Bamboo boxes

Cut knotches half way through each piece, so that one will slot in to the next, as shown here. You then just need to slot them in to one another and sit one layer on top of the next. Use cardboard to line the inside, and fill with dirt. The cardboard will not only hold the earth in, but will also kill the grass and weeds under the planter to make sure they do not grow through.


Here are some more planters I made with the off cuts..



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