Make a Natural, Breathable Limewash Paint

Preparing your paint is pretty easy. You just need your lime in a putty form before you start, this may mean soaking it for at least a month or just mixing your powder with water, depending which lime you use.


  1. Mix your pigment with warm water. You can make natural pigments using earth, charcoal, and many other things. We used some clay from the hills around us to tint the interior final paint.
  2. Mix lime putty until it is a thick creamy consistency
  3. Add water until it is thin and creamy. Sometimes up to 50/50 water/putty
  4. You can then sieve the mixture if needed
  5. Add the colour pigment, it should then start to be more like a milk consistency depending how much pigment liquid you added
  6. Apply with a paint brush

Lime based paints can only be applied to a natural wall or surface. So for example you cannot paint using lime on top of an acrylic or petro chemical based paint. The lime is breathable and as such the surface it is applied to needs to be somewhat breathable in order for the two materials to bind properly.

You may need to apply multiple layers of your limewash to build up to the colour you desire. And make sure to keep the edge of then space younare painting wet, or you may get lines and marks when one section has dried and you start the next section


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