How to Make a Tool Box from Old Scaffolding Planks

We are making some new tool boxes for a new building site we are moving to. We are building our second cob house here are Eco Caminhos, Brazil. They accept volunteers here so if you are looking to learn about eco building and farming get in touch

Sketch out your design quickly so you know how long each piece is and which bits overlap where. You may be able to see on my sketch if you zoom in, that the end pieces butt up to the long pieces. The bottom plank fits inside the box so is just 54x30cm
Get your tools together. You’re gonna need a saw, pencil, tape measure, hammer and nails, and a square if you want to be accurate
Cut your pieces to size. The three long pieces are 30×54. The two shorter pieces are 30x34cm with the 30cm being vertical and 34cm horizontal.
Scaff box
Hammer the pieces together, or drill for extra strength. Cut some holes for handles with as jigsaw if you like. Then put a small child inside to check the box is strong enough.

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